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A little about us...

Street Team Cycling is a subscription box service for cyclists who love to put rubber on the pavement. In each months Cycling Care Package we strive to provide you with premium tools, apparel and equipment to stay on the road all year long. With a $50+ monthly value, the Cycling Care Package is the only bicycle specific subscription box that provides you the tools you need to keep riding without breaking the bank. 

We conceptualized Street Team Cycling in early 2019 with the goal to create a subscription box specifically tailored to the needs of avid cyclists. At the time, there were no subscription box services that focused on cyclists who spend most of their time on the streets. We knew we had an opportunity to create a a great value providing you with the tools and gear you needed, rather than plain old nutrition items. In March of 2019, our team of cyclists launched the Cycling Care Package for $40 a month.  75% of our team are daily cyclists working as bicycle couriers and bicycle mechanics (Yes, even in our Utah winters). We have taken our collective knowledge about bicycles and cyclists and used it to curate a package that will be filled with items we use and love.

In the last year, we have tested dozens of tools, cleaning solutions, lubricants, fabrics and brands to ensure we provide you with the best experience possible. All of the products you receive in your Cycling Care Package have been tested by us. As we continue this journey we will continue to provide you the best equipment we can get our hands on. Many fantastic products and services are on the way. We would love for you to join us and become a member of the Street Team.

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Still not convinced? Our Cycling Care Packages are filled with high quality products that you can use on and off the bicycle. Your first order will come with a Street Team Cycling T-Shirt, a Musguard Rear Rollable Fender to keep you dry all year long and a tube for your next flat.